photo by Alex Gilbert in 2016

photo by Alex Gilbert in 2016

Akito Nara / 奈良 彰士

 Akito Nara moved to New York City in 2013 from Yokohama, Japan.

 One year later, Nara participated in a drawing and painting class for 2 months in continuing program at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. Nara's artistic journey has been largely without schooling, finding inspiration first from his own life, he has begun to make his art as larger part of his life.

 Nara paints abstract work, evoking the likenesses of creatures and other forms inspired from personal anecdotes and introspection for the view that comes out on the surface incidentally. Nara's self-portraits exist as interpretations of different facets of his spiritual self. Naturalistic and cosmologic symbolism inspires Nara's expression; using eyes and colors as stylistic anchors and motifs, he creates recognizable characters to represent the deepest parts of his subjects and this world as he understands them.

 The painting is the only one way which is the most minimal and a true representation in this extremely complicated world for him. Nara believes the essence of things and things what is truly important have never changed in all ages.

" Technology makes way, Art makes humanity. "

 Nara is currently based in Brooklyn, NY.




「 技術は道をつくり、芸術は人間であることを育む。 」